BThis is my second post in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. This is part #2 of the novella that I am penning for this challenge. You can read the chapter before this,in the post previous to this.

Her interviewer got up,walked past her and poured water into a glass. She was wary and she was not wrong-he had poured one and carried the tub forward,while she drank it,he dunked her head in the water tub.

She gasped and tried to pull up but he was strong but she already knew that..How much suffering did she have to endure in this lifetime.. but then a sudden realisation struck her-why try?

She let go,fought the survival instinct. He panicked and pulled her up- started smothering her kisses.

Are you ok?

He asked her,as she started spitting and coughing while gasping for air.
Once satisfied that she was alright,he made her sit right back up and changed the subject.

Okay,let us talk about your first day with your captor,use “Active” while phrasing,please-we need to get this on record. Create an audio book,perhaps. He chuckled at his own joke-or was it?

She looked at him,her breath was ragged and she was still feeling a hot burning sensation in her lungs. Water and Salt. Ah,beaches. Strange,that this was what this ordeal reminded her off.

He was growing impatient-she knew that. He started tapping his left foot.

She started off-Yes,that day,it was a usual day at work. Marcy was at the till-so to say,we wanted an old school touch to it,you know.. She trailed off as she saw his expression darken. It was usual. Adam came in and ordered the same breakfast-Scrambled eggs and coffee.

He asked me if I had any light. I nodded and fumbled in my apron,I was over the moon that day but was tired. She trailed off again,as a flash of happy memory brought her immense pain. She could never be there anymore,ever.

She continued- we had a slight rapport by then. He asked if I would like to join him,as he lit a fag outside,she dropped Marcy a text as he had gone out to the lavatory and followed him outside.

He handed me a fag,I lit it up and as the smoke blew out of my mouth,i saw the plumes swirl and create a pattern-it somehow fascinated me. I started feeling very light headed,indeed. Adam was telling me about some mundane work problem that he was having,he worked on an oil rig. Peculiar,I had thought-this was the first time that I heard that from him. I started feeling very uneasy and it had nothing to do with her having a long day.

A prickling sweat started forming on my brow. I was getting a strange feeling at the pit of my stomach. I will just go back,this seems off,somehow. I do not really know this guy well-that is all that I was thinking.

She blew out again and started feeling faint-darkness enveloped me. I do not remember post that.. Adam took me. He stole me from everything I knew. He ruined me. He took away the promise of a wonderful future from me.She started crying bitterly.

She regretted it the instance her lachrymal glands betrayed her-the interviewer got up and walked towards her. He switched off the recorder and caught hold of her hair,pulled her up and threw her against the wall.

She felt her nose break as her face hit the wall. Blood was streaming into her mouth and she started gagging. He punched in the gut and her mouth filled up with bile.

She spat it out and as she cowered,he went and sat down on his stool.

After a minute,he came back and started bandaging her wounds. Her anguish was too much to bear so she let the darkness take over,this time.