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This is my second post in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. This is part #2 of the novella that I am penning for this challenge. You can read the chapter before this,in the post previous to this. Her interviewer got up,walked past her and poured water into a glass. She was wary and she was not wrong-he had poured one and carried the tub forward,while she drank it,he dunked her head in the water tub. She gasped and tried to pull up but he was strong but she already knew that..How much suffering did she have to endure in this lifetime.. but then a sudden realisation struck her-why try? She let go,fought the survival instinct. He panicked and pulled her up- started smothering her kisses. Are you ok? He asked her,as she started spitting and coughing while gasping for air. Once satisfied that she was alright,he made her sit right back up and changed the subject. Okay,let us talk about your first day with your captor,use “Active” while phrasing,please-we need to get this on record. Create an audio book,perhaps. He chuckled at his own joke-or was it? She looked at him,her breath was ragged and she was still feeling a hot burning sensation in her lungs. Water and Salt. Ah,beaches. Strange,that this was what this ordeal reminded her off. He was growing impatient-she knew that. He started tapping his left...

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He was an animal,she sighed as she said it. She had gotten over her three stages of loss. She had resigned herself to her fate,now. Animal.. He used to come everyday to the diner and everyday,he used to order the same thing. I think now that it was strange for a person to eat the same thing everyday. Most of us miss out on details nowadays,we are leading such hurried lives. His name was Adam. To be honest,I could have never fathomed that this tiny detail would come down to haunt me. It is only now that I have tried to remember every tiny detail,do I have these conclusions. First day,you say? She asked her interviewer-I do not remember the first day when he came in,so I hardly remember what I was doing. It was a year ago,at that point,I had gotten engaged and moved on from my painful past. I had begun to laugh again. We had moved in-her eyes welled up again. He became my every..Her interviewer cut her off. She smiled,ruefully. You do not wish to know about him. He was my Sun. Her interviewer persisted that she tried to remember the first time she ever noticed Adam. She fell back in her chair to keep her face under a shadow. What looked like an act from exhaustion was a pure moment of joy for her...

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