Author: tarusha

Astral projection

She floated away sans feelings, after all, she had a plan. Feelings left her exhausted for she felt fully. She felt it all the way to her bones. The misery that came along with it or after it in case it was a high was palpable. She had resolved to move away from the pain. This time, it will work for the dose will be just right. She lay down calmly after injecting herself. Any moment, now. She waited till she felt a weight lift off  her. She was floating right above herself. Insulin shock induced astral projection, she...

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She popped a Xanax and tried to go back to sleep.  The screamings started as soon as she closed her eyes-startled,she sat up.  Sweat had broken on her brow.  The rational part of her tried to reason with her-it is ok to sweat when you hear a dead person’s voice,you were not at fault. It happened. You need to move on.  A morbid smile crept to her lips,move on from what? To what? Her eyes glazed over. It was time.  This hour came everyday and passed into oblivion till the next day.  She drifted in the interweaving period. How could she move on from killing someone? How will she ever overcome this? What was her purpose? This and many other questions plagued her as she sat and wept beside her own...

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