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This is my second post in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. This is part #2 of the novella that I am penning for this challenge. You can read the chapter before this,in the post previous to this. Her interviewer got up,walked past her...

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He was an animal,she sighed as she said it. She had gotten over her three stages of loss. She had resigned herself to her fate,now. Animal.. He used to come everyday to the diner and everyday,he used to order the same thing. I...

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This is going to be a short piece about sexism for a dear friend and blogger-Vishal. The link to that post is here: How ingrained it is in...

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She sat down with her broken pieces and cried. She realised that it was all over long before it has actually started. When you play and confer with the devil for so long,it is not long before it comes knocking at your door. ***...

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