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He was an animal,she sighed as she said it. She had gotten over her three stages of loss. She had resigned herself to her fate,now. Animal.. He used to come everyday to the diner and everyday,he used to order the same thing. I...

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This is going to be a short piece about sexism for a dear friend and blogger-Vishal. The link to that post is here: How ingrained it is in...

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She sat down with her broken pieces and cried. She realised that it was all over long before it has actually started. When you play and confer with the devil for so long,it is not long before it comes knocking at your door. ***...

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She popped a Xanax and tried to go back to sleep.  The screamings started as soon as she closed her eyes-startled,she sat up.  Sweat had broken on her brow.  The rational part of her tried to reason with her-it is ok to sweat...

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She was blindfolded and taken behind a veil. When her aunt had blindfolded her,she giggled and thought they would be playing a game. A game,it was but of the most vicious kind. She was made to lie on a stone bed,this is when the...

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Why is sex still a dirty word? It seems strange that something that people indulge in quite a bit is tagged as tabboo.  Here again the gender distinction and discrimination comes down with full force,it is quite alright for men...

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